Ben Thain Carpentry.

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Ben Thain is your friendly neighbourhood tradesman in the Sussex area. While experienced, Ben never had a reliable brand or online presence. We helped bring Ben’s service to a wider audience with a tasteful new portfolio of work.

With plenty of photos of completed jobs, Ben was able to give us all we needed to showcase his work in the best possible way. Paired with a neatly drawn logo and a fresh colour palette, the website took a tidy, professional shape which brings site visitors exactly what they came for.

The design aims to bring Ben’s technical finesse through for customers, guiding them to feel like they can trust what they see and hopefully engage with Ben using the contact form if they believe he can solve their problem.

“Warpaint explained the process of setting up a website really clearly and guided us through the process smoothly. Our website looks really stylish and we are really pleased with it.

It was good value, we received helpful service and the finished design shows excellent creativity!”

Ben Thain,
Ben Thain Carpentry.

Thanks for your interest in this project.