Craft Lab.

Web & UI Design | Web Development | creative portfolio

Warpaint and Craft Lab work closely together, providing our creative services to a variety of clients in Prague as well as further afield. We designed and developed an online portfolio for Craft Lab to showcase their growing list of projects.

Before we built Craft Lab’s website, we were lucky enough to be approached to give their brand a complete overhaul. We went through a rigorous process to develop a brand that encompasses Craft Lab’s work ethic and fun-loving attitude to everything they do.

This included producing a set of guidelines, otherwise known as a brand book that they can use to keep their communication consistent and stylish as they grow as a business.

We also create regular social media assets for Craft Lab to use across their platforms. Working with their marketing team to share examples of their work, feedback as well as reminding their clients and visitors what services they offer.

Their goal with the new website was to offer a share of what it’s like to work with the Craft Lab team. We paired both their images and behind-the-scenes photography to give visitors an insight, which showcased Craft Lab’s production experience at the same time.

Each project page had a distinct design direction, influenced by the brand that Craft Lab worked with on their campaigns. Each page combined tasteful animations with client-specific graphics to give visitors an idea of what they were able to deliver.

From image galleries and full screen video sections to Kickstarter timelines and screen mockups, we wanted to show Craft Lab’s involvement at it’s very best.

The layouts we developed to showcase their client work are now ready to be applied to any future projects that Craft Lab wish to share.

“We’ve been working with Warpaint for a couple of years now and I can easily say that I haven’t needed to search anywhere else for our design and web development needs. Their quality of design is fresh and modern, they’re super easy to work with excellent communication and they’re always on time! I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of graphic, animation or web development services.”

Alex Montyro,
Craft Lab.

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