Last Minute English.

Branding | Web & UI Design | youtube graphics

Last Minute English is an online education organisation who create training videos designed to help people learn in a way that compliments a specific English language earning program. We gave their brand a refresh and applied it to a new website design template, pitch-deck slides and social media banners.

We provided Last Minute English with a comprehensive, mobile friendly design template that they could use to develop their own website, their own way. 

This template included illustration and icon sets, brand guidelines, font choices and blog post wireframes so that Last Minute English had all they needed to build upon their site and develop it as business expanded.

 The Last Minute brand is unlikely to stop at English. The team are intent on using the brand to expand into other languages and areas – The cleanliness and potential of their new brand assets are designed to help with this growth.

We are closely working with Last Minute English to expand their range of video lectures. Each one requires supporting thumbnail artwork, including imagery and icons relevant to the lecture or the feeling associated with completing it.

“Great experience with Warpaint – they designed our website and did a full rebranding. They have great attention to detail, give excellent suggestions, are very professional and responsive, and have a really quick turn-around time.

We were so happy that we have continued to collaborate with Warpaint on smaller projects and intend to continue doing so in the future.

Definitely a 10/10 experience, and thoroughly recommended!”

Francis Carlisle,
Last Minute Education.

Thanks for your interest in this project.