Little Red Square.

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Little Red Square began in 2018 as the passion and side project of Sarah, a cook at a village shop & cafe in East Sussex, UK. Now, Little Red Square flourishes as a local household name, having it’s own premises and a lot of plans for expansion ahead. Warpaint are very proud to be a part of the journey.

Sarah had a distinct vision for her new business identity. The nickname she was given growing up by her family is “Square”. She wanted to include it in the business name and it offered perfect opportunities to play with during the development process.

It was important to adhere to this brief while offering creative improvements & alternatives. This sparks new ideas between the designer and the client, something that we believe is an important part of the process. The idea of working with a brushy, playful font was chosen in order to bring the brand away from your typical high-street, big brand bakers and lean more towards the small-batch, personal approach that Little Red Square intended to be known for.

With the name and vibe decided, the colour choice was obvious but we wanted to be more subtle and creative with the ‘square’ part. This is expressed through the business cards, the product guide and other additions to the brand collection.

By putting the business cards in with every order, wearing the clothing on every delivery and even painting the front door of the premises bright red, Little Red Square reinforces its place in the local food scene one cake at a time. Pretty soon people start to see the brand without looking. At a glance, you know it’s them.

Every social media post, profile picture, story or promotional flyer creates a consistency that enters the minds of consumers subliminally and effectively. An audience will notice when something is done badly. When something is done well, they don’t notice. This is a good thing.

It’s a human instinct to want to see an order to things. If inconsistencies occur within a brand, it tends to make you feel uncomfortable, as if something isn’t quite right.

This is where a creative team like Warpaint comes in, to put their skillset to the test and apply it to your vision.

After a while, having a nice set of business cards to market the business isn’t enough. We were able to help Little Red Square by organising the answers to the most frequently asked questions in a user-friendly way. Developing a cake guide that Sarah could send immediately to customers seemed like the logical next step.

The nature of the custom baking business is similar to that of design & marketing. Prices are rarely fixed, so the challenge was to answer as many questions as possible about how the product is made and what choices the customer has, without giving any false or confusing information about price ranges.

This, paired with a portfolio of cakes and some delivery information makes a very handy piece of marketing material.

“I came to Warpaint with no clue what sort of logo and branding I wanted – they came up with multiple ideas and created something that incorporates my personality into my brand perfectly.

I absolutely love my logo – the stickers make my cake boxes look very professional and pretty without being overly girly.

“My business cards often get compliments because they are so different to most cards you come across – the solid red background and square shape makes them stand out in the crowd of plain white cards.

I highly recommend Warpaint!”

Sarah Vockins,
Little Red Square Cakes.

Thanks for your interest in this project.