Robin Horsfall.

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Robin Horsfall became a soldier in 1972. He served in the Parachute Regiment & the SAS, among other forces across the world. We were proud to illustrate & design this collection, a soldier’s story in poetry.

Robin Horsfall is an ex-special forces soldier turned author & public speaker. He has lived an extraordinarily adventurous life since joining the British Army in 1972. He is now campaigning for veteran’s rights. We collaborated with Robin by illustrating and designing his latest poetry book, Warrior Poet: A Soldier’s Songs alongside his new website and e-shop.

We took Robins old website and reinvented it. We built a full timeline of his activity with the armed forces and beyond, putting it into a user-friendly solution that his followers and fans can easily break down and make sense of.

We created new product pages for his books and memorabilia, working to make it as simple as possible for visitors to find and purchase Robin’s items.

This project started out with a simple question. “I have some old photos, I want to put them in the new poetry book. Can you put some photoshop effects on them to make them look like they are sketched roughly?”

We decided to aim a few notches above that. 25 poems and the book cover were carefully illustrated in a rough painterly style, giving the old photos a breath of new life.

“The illustrator Tommy and I collaborated together on my latest book Warrior Poet: A Soldier’s Songs. His work turned my book into a beautifully illustrated paperback. He is a perfectionist with a great pride in his work. I recommend him to everyone.”

Robin Horsfall,
Author of Fighting Scared.

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