The Golden Snake.

Branding | Web & UI Design | Web Development | restaurant menus

U Zlatého Hada, meaning ‘at the Golden Snake’ in Czech, opened their doors in the old historical building of the same name in 2022. They approached us with the initial branding project, followed by the menus and finally the website development.

The website design is intended to be simple, yet tasteful. The user experience aims to capture visitors attention where they find it most useful, in this case to allow the tourists of Prague’s Old Town to quickly find the restaurant, see their menu and book a table.

When it came to the branding, we were tasked with incorporating a modern take on the old golden snake heraldry associated with the building with the new restaurant name. Our snake icon is a simplified, smoother and less imposing version of the 300 year old carving above the main door.

It’s ideal position in the middle of Prague’s historic old town means the restaurant attracts tourists from all over the world. We created the physical menu in 8 European languages, eventually transferring it to the menu pages on the website.

“We’ve been working with Warpaint for over a year now and cannot be happier. We started with smaller works and now fully rely on Warpaint for everything – from small stickers to full branding of our new restaurants, websites creation and maintenance, graphic works for big advertising campaigns. The job is always done thoroughly, within the set time frames and with a professional approach. “

Alina K.,
Beer Restaurant.

Thanks for your interest in this project.